Best hatcharies/breeders for chicks in September?


May 24, 2020
Washington (the left one)
New to chickens and unfortunately I won't be able to get any until September. We are looking to get day-old (or so) chicks Unfortunately, most of the locations around us won't have chicks left, or if they are local raisers, they only have one of the breeds we are looking for. I have several local people who have chicks and I can get onesie twosie chicks, but I'd like to get them all at once. Looking for about 6 pullets (we can't have more than 8 due to local restrictions). I also am looking for several breeds all at once because I want to figure out what is best for us before we move in two years and get more land/ability to have more chickens.

We'd like to get:
- Buff Orpington (1ish)
- Lavender Orpington (1ish)
- Plymouth Rock (1ish)
- Easter Egger (3ish)

I've done some search on hatcheries and it seems as though people are ok with them as long as you aren't looking for show birds (which we aren't). I just want overall healthy birds, so if hatcheries don't provide that, then I won't go that way.

It looks as though some of the more popular hatcheries (mypetchicken, etc) are already selling out for fall and I don't want to miss out if this is the best way to go.

Thoughts on where we should get them? If a hatchery, which one?


Sep 18, 2018
Meyer has all those breeds I believe,with a minimum of 3 chicks until November if you search for September 21st hatch date.
I've used Meyer for 2 years running and am very happy with them :)

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