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  1. iwannabachicken

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    Jan 25, 2012
    I am interested in White Leghorns for egg production. Which hatchery do you think breeds the best layers?

    I also want to start my own line of White Plymouth Rocks. Get a sizeable amount from two or more hatcheries, ID them with a wing band (because I don't want to replace leg bands often), weigh them weekly, and keep the pullets and cockerels for breeding who reach market weight the fastest. Then keep the pullets for a year, noting their production. Best egg layers get bred to the roos. Which hatchery do you think has the fastest growing White Rocks? Which do you think produces the best laying White Rock?

    Thanks for your input!
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    Apr 9, 2010
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    Since pretty much ALL hatcheries breed for egg laying, I would simply select the hatchery that is CLOSEST to you to avoid long shipping delays.

    Good luck with your breeding program! [​IMG]
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    Getting high production leghorn strains is pretty straight forward. Most larger hatcheries have a line or two or even three of super production leghorns or their derivatives.

    What is much harder to find is the White Rock. On one hand, you'll find most hatchery stock not up to type. Super production is what hatchery stock is known for, but being true to type isn't. So, one' mind immediately goes to procuring stock from breeders of White Rocks. Unfortunately, the White Rock at shows has been the butt of something of a joke in recent years. It is widely reported that White Rocks have gotten so large, as to impress judges, that the show strains have simply been bred up to absurdly large birds, with lower egg production as well. Since the shows don't weigh the birds, it is reported that many reputable breeders are no longer bringing their birds to the shows. I find this sad to report, frankly.

    Thus, finding the White Rock to start your own line is going to be a bit tricky. Don't give up. There are White Rocks out there that will suit you. Just be forewarned to do the research, make contact with people in the know, ask questions, educate yourself and judge the situation for yourself.
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  4. iwannabachicken

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    Jan 25, 2012
    Thanks for the tips and information :)

    I won't be showing them, so I'm not too concerned with that. I just want some production birds that can maybe pay for themselves.

    Also--do you have any recommendations on how to know the egg production of a bird without having to put lipstick/food coloring on them everyday or checking their pelvic bones? Should I just put them in groups of two or three and then average the egg production between them?

    Thanks again!

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