Best hedge row plants for ducks?


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7 Years
Apr 12, 2015
Montgomery, TX
I'm working on my permanent duck area in the backyard for our house pet ducks. They spend their nights in the garage and I am building them a pen for the outside. I've decided an area that is about 350 sf for my three mallards. It's got lush Bermuda grass that I hope to be able to keep in there for them. I'll be making a small pond with filter and shade and foraging areas for them. The daytime pen will be fully enclosed and predator proof, I'm thinking of following the guidelines from Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary.

I want to block the entire pen from view from anyone in my neighborhood. I live in an acreage deed restricted community and since these are pets, I can keep them but I am concerned of anyone calling them a nuisance. The pen will be blocked on two sides by my house and the other side my closest neighbor is 750 feet away. I want to plant a hedgerow around the entire penned area so they are completely concealed from view from the road that runs along the backside of my property.

I'm in Zone 8b and have had really good luck with wax myrtles along my fence line in areas. Does anyone have any comments, ideas, or suggestions for safe hedgerow plants that I could conceivably purchase big enough to create an immediate block 4 feet tall AND that is safe for the ducks if they grow into their area?

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