Best homemade incubator?


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
What is the easiest incubator to make? Any plans or anything?

I'm hoping to get our chicks soon and plan on replacing them with new generations every few months. I'm talking about small scale, probably 25 at a time so I don't want to spend a lot on an incubator.

How much would you want for it? And how much would shipping be to Salem Virginia?.

I know some people who enjoy experimenting with making stuff who'd make me one if I bought the parts. I might do that if yours doesn't work out to be a better deal
Im in Cali guys . . .

I just unplugged it right now, it has hatched a lot of eggs for me.
I built myself a cabinet incubator that Ill use from now on.

My DIY bator is very stable with temps/humidity, very well made, and a true forced air- not just a fan.
It has 2 large viewing windows.

I also have 3 configurations for manual-auto-turners, depending on how many eggs you wanna hatch.

Like I said, Imma clean it out and put it on CL tomoro.
You guys are more than welcome to purchase it, I dont know how much it would be to ship and I wont go check unless somebody is really serious.

As it was my best cooler I used for it, and I got a lot of time dialing it in and making it functional and attractive, I was planning on listing it for $120 obo.
I think Ill get it.
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If you guys decide to make your own I ve found that its easier to mantain a steady temperature on a small incubator rather than a big one, I used a styrofoam cooler and it has worked wonders so far 2 hatches on it.
Sac, bro!

I dont mean to disagree with you, but a smaller cooler is more unstable because of the small space.
easier to heat- yes, more stable in the long run- no.

Plus, folks like to load those things up . . .

I just put it on CL about 25 mins ago, and have gotten 6 texts, and 8 emails . . . at $150 . . . .

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