Best Incubator Brands?

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    What are the best incubator brands? I've heard that Brinsea and Hovabator are the best brands, and LG (Little Giant) doesn't perform very well. I have used an LG incubator for incubating eggs throughout the seasons with coturnix, button, and bobwhite quail, and on the season of 2016, blue-scaled quail. For the blue-scaled quail, I've had none hatch. With the former quail (those before the blue-scaled), it was a success, until last season's eggs (blue-scaled quail eggs for 2016), being said again, none of them hatched. I'm not sure of the model number I have, but anyways, many say LG incubators don't do a good job. Because of all of this, I am planning on getting a new, better incubator (and it won't be Little Giant this time!), and the brand will be Brinsea, even though it's costly.

    I'm not sure why they didn't hatch. I think it's because the eggs were infertile. Perhaps the incubator's brand, Little Giant, was the cause? I'm not 100% sure! May anybody here chime in to input help for me (any help is appreciated)! No offensive or harsh comments, please.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I used to have Little Giant incubators (3 of them!!!) and they were horrible. I bought a Brinsea Octagon 20 in 2014 and my hatch rates went up from about 40% to almost 95% on average. Once I set my eggs in the incubator I don't have to worry about anything except adding water. My temp is ALWAYS 99.5 degrees F. I have chicks hatching in my Brinsea now and out of 19 eggs, 14 have hatched. (3 were not fertile so I don't blame the incubator for that)
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    I actually use a LG9200 very successfully, but it's a lot more work than the Hoavabators or the set em and forget em Brinseas. The newer digital LGs are awful. The gages are way off and the sensor has a tendancies to cause heat spikes. You can still hatch from them if you figure out the bator's problems and adjust for them, but I would never recommend them and usually recommend against them and for the Hovabator or Brinseas. If you have the $ Brinsea is a good investment.

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