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    I'm looking to buy a small to medium sized incubator. What is the best and easier incubator with an auto turner?
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    if you've not purchased your incubator and turner yet, i suggest you get copies of the june/july and august/september issues of backyard poultry. gail damerow, who has written several books on poultry, wrote a two part article on small incubators. the first part covered analog incubators, the second part of the article covered digital ones. my advise would be to get a digital one, as they are more accurate and take some of the guesswork out of incubating. i personally like the gqf genesis, which is one of the digital incubators reviewed in the second part of ms. damerow's article. relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and with large viewing windows on the top. this is just my personal bias, though, and i'd advise you to read about the other models as well. good luck to you.
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