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    Friday I roasted the last 2 of my homegrown birds, a capon and a red broiler. The first 3 were roasted right after butchering and were really really really good, but these 2 I had frozen. They had been thawing in the fridge for a couple of days and it was - you know - time to cook or potentially go to waste. So I roasted them up Friday and they've been sitting inthe fridge till today, when - again - it was use the meat or potentially waste it. So I pulled the meat off, diced it and made chicken tortilla wraps. No frills, just chicken, a little mayo and warmed tortillas.


    I was thinking the meat would lose a lot of flavor like storebought does, but it was amazing! The juice had made this delicious gravy-like aspicy stuff that I smooshed right in, and the meat reminded me of turkey it was so rich.

    Y'all have been saying it over and over, but actually TASTING the difference has been life altering. Never again with the storebought stuff. I got into this because I was appalled by the cruelty those poor birds suffer, but I'm gonna stay for the flavor!

    And thank you everyone here on BYC, y'all have been great!
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    and I for one really enjoy having you on here [​IMG]
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