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    Feb 28, 2014
    Hello all! I am relatively new to this adventure of Chicken-rearing if you will :) We have had our flock since March. We have 4 buff orpingtons and 10 golden comets. We want to move and rebuild our coop, and we are looking to cull this flock in a few weeks. It's always been our intention to raise these chickens for eggs and meat, and we are aware that with their age, they will mainly be a crockpot bird. My question is, I know that buff orpingtons are dual purpose birds, but I am not sure what to expect of my comets, or if they are even a good meat bird. Can any chicken be butchered and used as a meat bird? Is it just the size that makes a bird unfit to be a meat bird? Or are there other things such as taste? Some of my comets are nearly the size of my orpingtons, but then some are what I would imagine to be the size of a cornish hen. Which I'm ok with, but I don't want to be surprised by an unpleasant tasting bird after all this work! Next year we are ordering a mostly heritage flock of barred rock and gold laced wyandottes from a hatchery; maybe also some easter egger chickens for our kids, although I'm sure those aren't a heritage breed. This flock came from TSC, and the buffs were mixed in with the comets, and there was no telling them apart, otherwise we probably would have gone with all orpingtons, but it is what it is. They have been very good to us, but in preparing for the winter, we are stocking our freezer with meat and stock, so it's time to start culling the flock. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    The comets will be fine to process. They'll likely taste the same/similar as the Buff Orpingtons they've been raised with.

    ANY chicken can be processed for meat. Look up Poussin, and people process itty-bitty quail. I've processed young Yokohama and Sumatra cockerels (they're small LF breeds).
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