Best meat chicken???

Faverolles and Dorkings are supreme meat birds.
For the quickest, most meat in the shortest time - Cornish X. For more humanely raised/natural growth but still fast - Freedom Ranger.

For completely normal, slower growth but better tasting - Dorkings, La Fleche, Houdans, Buckeyes, whatever suites your fancy, but preferably something with good weight and meat on the bones.
The Cornish cross is a good choice if all you want is a quick turnaround to put meat on the table and don't care about taste or texture.
Cornish cross's tend to be a tough meat that has little to no taste.

A hybrid crosses like a Cornish (not a cornish cross)/ Rhode Island Red or a White Wyandotte / Light Sussex can be processed in 8 to 10 weeks, and are broad breasted with good texture and taste to the meat.

Thank you everyone for your info. It helped a lot. I like the houdans. I'm going to study a little more and pick out the best that I'm looking for.

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