Best media for chicks


Jan 14, 2016
Venus, Florida. 33960
Been using cedar chips/ shavings as bedding. The chicks seem to take great delight including their waterer and feeder with the chips every few hours. Was suggested and trying wood pellets. Any suggestions
Cedar is the worst and can cause respiratory issues.

Wood pellets work and break down into shavings/dust as it gets used up. I'm thinking of trying them... and this might just be my push! I even have some I haven't used for the fireplace yet. :thumbsup

Pine shavings are better than cedar. Rice hulls are acceptable but still a mess.

Try the pellets is my suggestion... :p
I do do that with the teenagers or shall I say juvenile delinquents that are in the outside yard everyday they were stuffing hay which I was using his ground litter for them into the water and wicking out of the water container. Just used one cinder block for them but they are tall enough to reach it it was actually a half height cinder block. Next to nothing gets into it now except water

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