Best method to sex white leghorns?

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    Hello everybody!

    We bought (6) White Leghorns (although we only needed two) and have to get rid of four of them. A buddy of mine has chickens and may take them from me, but I was wondering, I bought these as pullets from TSC... Are these breeds easily sexed at the hatchery? Like the sex-links would be (by color)... Or do you have to just wait and see when they get older?

    Appreciate it! I know some breeds can be done earlier then others visually... Any info would be great!

  2. sourland

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    White leghorn cockerels start developing significant combs and wattles quite a bit earlier than the pullets do. They were probably vent sexed at the hatchery which is dependent upon the skills of the "sexers."
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    Hatchery white leghorns are bred for feather sexability, meaning they can be sexed by their wingfeathers within the first couple days of hatch. Pullets have 2 distinct rows of different lenght feathers and cockerals have just 1 even lenght row of wing feathers.

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