Best Mobile Coop for PHX, AZ area?

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    Oct 27, 2013
    We are new to chickens....just moved to irrigated acreage and were given 2 hens and a small coop.
    We want to add more hens in the Spring and for multiple reasons, really feel we need a mobile coop AND run for at least 2-3 years (until we can plant more shade trees, burm up a pad so they aren't flooded in the irrigation, and keep them safe from our Black Lab who is VERY interested in our chickens!, etc).

    We just found out my hubby needs to have shoulder surgery at the beginning of the year, so are on a mad dash to find a good design that he can build quickly!

    I've spent HOURS pouring through threads here on BYC and all over YouTube and the rest of the internet.

    For having at least 6-8 hens and a coop/run that is easily moved by me (5'4" mom!)....I keep coming back to a "hoop coop" design. I think that would work fabulously for our HOT and MISERABLE AZ summers...but am worried it's too open-air for our winters where nights do get into the 20's and sometimes the teens.

    I've spent time on the Stagecoach website and think, with a few slight modifications, that might be a great option, but the plans plus the materials (for the DIY kit) seem pricey.

    I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed since we're on a tight timeframe for me to figure out what is best AND to get this built..with the holidays and hubby's surgery all in the next 8 weeks.

    My hubby is handy and my dad is a skilled wood-worker with lots of fun tools....but none of us have any experience building a coop nor designing one from need to find one we can easily copy or buy the plans. :)

    Any words of wisdom, advice, better large mobile coop/run ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Jul 30, 2013
    There are people who have hoop coops in snowy cold states. Remember naturally they roost in trees outdoors in much harsher climates than yours.

    Check out my new travel coop in another thread on this forum. It is very easy to move.

    Oh and unless you use all recycled and free materials I've found that coops are pricey period.
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