Best options and ways to raise chickens.

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    Hi All,

    Finally I got all my chickens figured out (4) unfortunately we had to get rid of one because it turned out "she" was a he and in the city i am in they are illegal to have, we replaced him with a naked neck who we know is a she so i am pretty happy.

    My first pair (maran and ameraucana/easter egger) are almost 5 months (in 5 days to be exact) and my other pair (silkie/naked neck) are 4 months and 2 days to be exact! I have started them on mash (they said this was ok and i wanna make sure it is!) i also give them some scratch and vegetables and fruits depending on what i make that day, we also give them oyster shell and grit.
    I wanna make sure i am doing EVERYTHING carefully and right because i want the best for my chickens. Due to age when are they to be expected to start laying? I have never had chickens before so i just wanna give it my all.

    Heres some photos of the girls, still not sure if Ling Ling (silkie is a boy or not, lets hope not)
    These photos are from a little less than a month, so they have gotten bigger since.
    Miss Cleo(maran), Mama (ameraucana/easter egger not even sure at this point I've heard mixed) Ling Ling (Silkie), Nugget (naked neck)




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    There really isn't a right or a wrong way, nutritional needs can be met in many ways, rations are an easy and quick way to feed chickens, feeding the best ration for the time of your chickens life. Some of us are a bit more liberal, I provide rations, but I also provide many other things and allow my chickens a choice. I grew up before rations were so easy to obtain and feeding a varied diet was normal, I still feed a bit different than most but I haven't seen any troubles from it and my poultry live long and healthy lives.

    By a mash I think you mean a layer mash which I don't feed until most of my hens are laying, though I don't think it's a problem, otherwise it sounds like you have everything covered. Nice looking little flock, good luck.

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