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    hey guys i cant seem to find out what are the best paying animal jobs. what ones are better. i cant seem to find any other than a vet. I am willing to go to school but not 8 years lol. so if anyone can help?! i was thinking like DEC officer or something? let me knwo if anyone knows.
  2. My cousin is a Vet Tech, and she does really well. The advantage to it is you don't have to set up your practice, so no overhead. You might not make what the vet does, but you also don't have all the bills to pay for the business either.
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    I have an Animal Science degree and we had to take an entire class on Jobs in Animal Science (besides vet school).

    The best paying job is probably pharmaceutical sales.

    Equipment sales
    Working with computer programs to balance pet feeds and livestock feeds

    I'll add more, if they come to mind, it's been over 10 years [​IMG]
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    I never make my animals work. It hasnt come to that around here yet.
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  6. stumble_n_mumble

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    Nov 23, 2008
    Long Island, NY
    thanks for some info i will continue to look everything up. thank you!! i am thinking animal physical therapy. it would be very interesting
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    Well, as a professional groomer I would say ithis is one but it is a very dirty job. It is very rewarding but can also drive you to tears dealing with some clients. But if you are good and in the right area you can make a good living.

    You are better off if you wish to do it to go to one of the top schools. They are costly even the not so good schools are costly. But you can run your own business or get a job anywhere in the country. Ofcourse certain states are better than others.

    But right now with the economy the way it is any animal job is going to be very hard to find. Many vets as well as groomers are cutting way back in order to make it. On the grooming side this is weeding out many poor groomers that did not have any training or have other problems.
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    Quote:me too!! i work part time and feel badly that some of the girls work all day for the same check.

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