Best Pet Breed


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
So I will definitely be wanting to buy some hatching goose eggs this spring, and I am wondering as to what a good 'pet' breed is? I have heard that lovingly handraised geese are a real joy to have around. Though my significant other I live with is afraid of getting 'goosed' since they can really hurt when they get territorial and pinch with their beaks! I've never had a bad experience with geese, though.

I'd hope for a breed where they are easily sexed, too. Not big on ganders, since it seems like they can harm other fowl by trying to boink with them. So any ganders would become roast goose (Mmmmm!). I've got two ponds on the property that I think a few geese would LOVE, too.
If you want a friendly breed that is easily sexed I would defiantly consider Pilgrims or Chinese.

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