best place to buy shipping boxes for adult chickens

They're really great...and their boxes are slightly bigger and shaped in such a manner that the birds can be comfortable in moving around. I've used A LOT...wouldn't use anyone else.
I got mine from

were efficient and cost effective. There is a bit of a learning curve to assembling the boxes, but once you do one it is easy peasy. I have shipped half a dozen chickens in them both singly and doubly and by all accounts the boxes did great.

The people at Matthew's Poultry were really nice too.

Cost on shipping boxes is high, but you generally include it in the price of birds you are selling/shipping. The end customer pays the cost for you.
I received a bird in a box from, and really liked the box. So I looked up their prices, and Yikes! They want $15 plus shipping for their smallest (one bird) box! How do you justify that cost to your bird customers?? When they are used to paying $10 a box from Matthews Poultry? You'd have to charge your customers $20 box fee if you buy them from! I don't see how I could get my customers to go along with that. $20 will buy you a much bigger box from Matthews.

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