Best Place to buy Wood Shavings in Bulk?

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    I live in NH and was wondering if anyone ever buys thier wood shavings online and gets bags/bales delivered to their home. Are there any low cost pet bedding dealers who sell to individual customers? Was thinking I could stock up before the new pullets arrive in the Spring! My local Agway and other pet supply stores obviously sell them, but am thinking of a more cost effective way to purchase in bulk.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Enjoy the holiday!

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    What about feed stores? That's usually the cheapest way to buy baled shavings IME. And some will (if you ask) give you a little bit of a discount, or maybe free delivery, if you order enough of 'em (although that may be more than you would be getting).

    I could be wrong but it is hard for me to imagine that mail-ordering from pet supply distributors would be cheaper -- a lot of the cost is the transportation, and it's cheaper for your feedstore to order a tractor-trailer load and sell you some of 'em than for you to be individually shipped ten or twenty bags. (The cheapest thing for bagged shavings would be to buy a whole tractor-trailer load, but if that's not wildly more than you need, you have a SCARY number of chickens and I don't want to think about it LOL)

    If you want cheap bulk shavings, the thing to do is find a sawmill or similar outfit, who will sell you a dumpload of them. You'll need a storage area and will lose a bit to moisture etc, and the quality will not usually be as good as if you bought bagged, but that's how horse barns on a budget usually buy their shavings.

    JMHO, good luck,

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    Quote:Try The local lumber yards. I know you can pick them up yourself but they may also deliver. I would think that Fernald Lumber in Nottingham, NH would have shavings because they mill theor own lumber there. Goodluck!

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