Best place to get pure breed Cayuga females?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Blue Rooster, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Blue Rooster

    Blue Rooster Chirping

    Aug 19, 2014
    I am wanting some info on where I can get pure breed Cayuga females.

    I have looked at:
    Murray McMurray
    Purely poultry
    And a couple others
  2. Miss Lydia

    Miss Lydia Loving this country life

    I have heard great things about Metzers they do have really nice water fowl.
  3. Eluria

    Eluria Chirping

    Jul 31, 2014

    All four of our ducks are from Metzer--Luna, our Cayuga, is a beautiful and healthy girl. I believe the Cayugas there are rated a bit higher than other breeds in terms of being closer to show quality. All four of our babies arrived healthy and on time--I was very happy with them.

  4. Sfraker

    Sfraker Songster

    Feb 17, 2014
    Western NC
    I got WH from Metzer and have been very happy with them. I spoke to John himself when I called to order, I had a ton of questions and he was very helpful and patient with a newbie.
  5. Blue Rooster

    Blue Rooster Chirping

    Aug 19, 2014
    Thanks for everyone's input.
    I am going to order some from metzer.
    does anyone know how to order from them? I have gone to their site and put in the # I want and my zip code but where do I put my info to get them shipped?
  6. Richb353

    Richb353 Chirping

    Love my Cayuga and Welsh Harlequin! Got them all from Metzer as well. I would start online, but always gave them a phone call to commit. (Ashley is awesome but the way!) I included the GroGel as they are being shipped from CA to FL. They always arrived healthy and active.

  7. Y-Knot

    Y-Knot Chirping

    Dec 12, 2014
    Loma Rica, CA
    Glad to hear the WH & Cayuga from Metzer are so well thought of. I ordered both the other day. They will be here on 4 March along with one more Pekin & two assorted Runners. My friend and I ordered together. Am really looking forward to their arrival. He wanted to order online so I didn't get to answer any questions.
    I am also pleased to hear that you actually got to talk to John Metzer himself. It isn't often one gets to talk to the owner of a larger business.

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