Best place to order chicks?

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    Sep 25, 2013
    Of all the sites, what is the best to order from? I have a list ( I want a more colorful egg basket). I only want around 2 of each.

    Of the Dark Layers, those are more optional, but I want the dark chocolate eggs.

    If I'm missing colorful egg layer breeds, please comment and the best place to get them.

    For the ones I'm looking for, I prefer to buy from one place and have them get the Marek's vaccine and FEMALES only!

    I want

    Black Copper Marans
    Olive Eggers

    Optional breeds

    Jersey Giant, Dark Brown
    Cookoo Maran, Dark Brown
    Black Copper Maran, Chocolate
    Welsummer, Dark Brown
    Cream Legbar optional because of price (I've seen them really expensive)
    Barnevelder, Dark Brown

    Breeds that lay cream tinted eggs, but hopefully colorful hens.
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    My guess is that there is not one place and one place only that is the best to get all the breeds you want. People live in widely divergent places and hatcheries are in different locations so what might be close and therefore better (Read less time for day olds in transit) for me might not be feasible for you.
    That said, with so many different breeds you want, you are probably looking at a hatchery rather than private breeders. You might want to start with the hatcheries closest to you, find out what they have and see what others who have purchased from them recommend.
    You might want to compare prices of the chicks and prices for shipping, and what breeds are available and the dates they might all be available.
    I have almost all the breeds you have listed, but they did not all come from the same source.
    A few years ago cream legbars were prohibitively expensive but as their numbers have increased their prices have fallen. Good Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers may give you the same colored eggs a lot more reasonably. and may be more cold hardy than the legbars if that is a concern.
    Most hatcheries are charging in the $8.00 to $10.00 range per pullet olive egger chick while you can easily make your own by combining a blue egg layer with a dark egg layer. I've used a legbar rooster with marans and welsumer and EE rooster with mixes and got olive eggers.
    I've ordered from and gotten nice birds but the past year the temperature dropped in shipping. It took longer and I had birds DOA so will have to think twice about ordering again.
    Meanwhile I discovered some private sources plus shipped eggs (Not the best source for me. Will also think twice about doing that again) plus I can raise my own so those are the sources I am pursuing now.
    You might have to list your priorities and see what is available to you and act accordingly.
    Good luck.

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