Best roofing material?


8 Years
May 13, 2011
Currently our run is protected by hardware cloth and plastic. We plan on covering the run with those plastic corrugated roofing panels but are finding it's plenty expensive. What have others done?
There's a metal roofing company near me that usually has odds and ends of roofing for $1 linear foot. The panels are 3 feet wide, so it ends up being pretty inexpensive, and it's heavy-gauge, high quality stuff. I roofed my coop and run for a total of about $50 -- just about what it cost me to use the corrugated vinyl on a small tractor!
That's a great idea. Not sure why we we have been stuck on the plastic stuff. The metal or tin might work better anyway. The other thing we have to contend with (that we didn't think about before coop placement) is the fact that there is a huge pear tree above their run. We can't take it down b/c we're renting. I'd hate to spend a ton of money on the plastic and have it crack b/c the pears fall on it.
Lowes has Ondura roofing, and it is pretty cheap too. It looks like corrugated metal roofing, but it's not. It is actually a tar paper/composite type material. Supposed to last a long time, and comes in different colors. Our Lowes carries it in red, white and tan. Looks easy to cut and install too- says it holds up longer/better than shingles. Much cheaper than shingles, too. I've noticed a LOT of coops on here have Ondura roofing. A panel costs about $19.
Yep, Ondura is what I used. We didn't cut it, we just designed the run to fit full sheets and the advantage is too that it is not heavy. I could lift a sheet without a problem. It felt a whole lot more sturdy than the plastic/pvc that lowed and HD had. Nailing it down was a breeze too. With two people we nailed down 16 sheets in about 2 hours; just before Irene started to come our way. It started raining after we had put the last nail in.
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