Best set up for water food in playhouse type coop?

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    Just got the playhouse 4 by 8 ft coop/run built. Before I get a couple of girls, where is the best place to place water/food? What type of set up is best?
    I am leaning towards 2 barred rock hens and just maybe one silkie, is that a mistake? Will she be hen pecked?
    My goal is 2 eggs a day and them being friendly/semi quiet. This is an urban coop. Thanks in advance!
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    I think the breeds would be okay,

    Most people hang the food and water from the bottom of the coop. If the floor is think enough, you could screw in a couple of hooks and hang them from there. If there isnt enough space, hang the waterer in the open part, but the food needs to be kept dry.

    Happy Chicken-ing
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    I bought a flat-backed cedar wood birdseed feeder and screwed it onto the wall about 4" off the floor. Unfortunately it has a flat top, so the chickens thought it was ok to perch on the feeder top and poop in the tray holding the food, so I cut a 12" length of coathanger wire, bent screw loops in each end and made a wire bail on the top so they couldn't perch there anymore.

    You could probably use a cat or dog waterer and make a small platform to hold it off the floor. If it has a handle, keep it up so they don't perch on the top and poop in the food. Or hang a 1 gallon waterer from the inside of the ceiling.

    If you want semi-quiet, don't get a rooster. I have nothing against roos, but they sure aren't quiet!
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