Best Sexed Pullet Breeders/Hatcheries?

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  1. Im downsizing my flock for winter and then repopulating next year.
    I love Roosters, and normally I have no issue, but my Rooster flocks are plump full, I've got 3 entire flocks of them! I'm running out of housing room for roosters (and NO I'll never kill them, they deserve to live too!)
    My original idea to buy pairs and breed purebred chicks went out the window when coccidia and heat waves wiped out a good chunk of the pairs I had set up.
    I decided to sell my remaining pairs/breeding individuals and just buy sexed chicks next year, it'd be easier.. not as fun I'll admit.

    I bought sexed chicks in 2012 and out of 25, 17 were roosters. So I'm a bit skeptical of spending the extra money.

    What breeders/hatcheries have you bought from multiple times, and had great sexing accuracy? I'm really hoping for 80-90% of the chicks to be pullets. I can make room for a few cockerels, just not 17!!!!!!

    So far, the breeds I'm wanting are Jersey Giants, Polish, Partridge Cochins, and maybe some copper marans? I've never owned the breed before but I liked their egg color.
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  2. oldhenlikesdogs

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    Jul 16, 2015
    central Wisconsin
    I've ordered from My Pet Chicken exclusively since 2008. Not a single mistake for me in sexing. Even their bantams I paid extra to have sex have been correct. They have a 100% guarantee on sexing.
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  3. wamtazlady

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    Jul 18, 2013
    Kalispell MT
    I've bought 3 batches of chicks from Murray McMurray. Have gotten exactly what I asked for each time and got 25 chicks on each order. I really expected to get a couple extra cockerels each time but got only what I ordered. The sexing accuracy has been super.
  4. keesmom

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Did you get them directly from a hatchery or a feed store? You got straight run. Either the hatchery was wrong, or the feed store was clueless as to what they had.

    I've ordered from McMurray, Ideal and Meyer. I've never had more than one oops cockerel per order (of 25 on average) and most often there have been no males.

    I do know if you want sexed Polish you won't want to order through Ideal. They offer Polish straight run only. They only have cuckoo Marans too (personally I am not a fan of barred birds).
  5. Broodygranny

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    Mar 23, 2018
    I am not telling you what to do or anything, but a lot of the rooster chicks from the hatchery are put in a grinder. You could get 8 week old chicks from a local breeder. By then you can tell if they are a rooster or a hen. They arent much different in price compared to chicks. Just an idea.
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  6. Alexandra33

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    Of the large hatcheries I've done business with, Meyer and Cackle have become my go-tos by far. Both carry all the breeds you're seeking, which is a plus. :) Though I'm pretty sure some are only offered straight run from Cackle.

    Out of around 30-40 chicks from Meyer, there's only been one "oops" to speak of. Those are great odds, if you ask me! Their prices range from reasonable to rather high, depending solely on the rarity of the breed. I'd say it's all worth it for a spectacular minimum of 3 total. ;)

    As for Cackle, I've only ordered once so far, a large batch of 28 assorted breeds/varieties earlier this year. Did I mention I'm hooked? Good quality birds (most of the time, stock from a hatchery isn't going to be worthy of exhibition...but that's to be expected), FRIENDLY birds, ACTIVE birds. ;):lol: Every single one of my Leghorns, Welsummers, Marans, Easter Eggers, and Old English Game bantams is extremely personable in comparison with those of other hatcheries. All sexed pullets ended guessed it, pullets! ;) Only thing I have against them is the policy that requires you to order 3 of each breed, minimum. Not to mention, it's 5 for most bantams. This alone discourages me from ordering much other than surplus and/or assortments.

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  7. Well that's good, thank you. I will be checking them out!!
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  8. Funny, it was Murray McMurray I got the sexed chicks from! I'm so glad to hear you had good success :) I may look into them again, I'm just a bit paranoid..
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  9. I ordered them from Murray McMurray, not the feed store. I have heard of Meyer a few times, I'll check them out. And like I said, one or even three oopsies aren't a big deal. I'm just super paranoid about getting another 17 or something. I'd feel a lot better if I knew it really was their screw up and not their sexing job.
    Also good to know, thank you so much!! I appreciate it! I suppose I can order from multiple hatcheries if I do like ideal, but still want sexed Polish.
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  10. I know and it's horrible, if I had my dad's land, I would convert the whole thing into a rooster sanctuary. But right now I've only got a few winter safe sheds and I just can't squeeze more roosters in right now. Otherwise I'd raise them and It would be off to the sale barn where they'd most likely end up in the hands of a butcher.
    There is only one local breeder here and she will not sell sexed chicks. It is all or nothing with her policy. Even If I bought older chicks, she would pick them out straight run, not my pick.

    I really do appreciate your concern and I will still do everything in my power to give all the roosters I can a good loving home. They really are mistreated and misunderstood.
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