Best small breed for laying & survival skills?

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    So, this is me obsessing about chicken breeds when I'm not even ready to get chickens yet (though I've had them in the past). For now I live in a small apartment in Seattle but my man and I are moving out to a semi-rural area next year. I figure this is an acceptable place to exhibit such enthusiasm. :)

    We may wind up on enough property for a breeding flock, but I'm lazy and don't want to scoop that much poop. Nor do I care to be awoken by a rooster at 4am, nor to empty my bank account every month at the feed store. I'm thinking 6-8 very small hens will provide plenty of eggs and entertainment for the two of us. We are planning on getting an automatic coop door so we can take camping trips or stay with his parents back in the city whenever we want. Since the flock will be spending a lot of time free-ranging unsupervised, I am sticking with small, flighty, "wilder" breeds who retain some survival skills, primarily golden-penciled and golden-spangled Hamburgs since they are great layers and I love their look. But I also want to get a pair of EXTRA "wild" ones, both for the fun of observing them and for their keen watchdog instincts. I would definitely prefer some that lay at least 3-4 a week in summer and will produce at least something regularly in winter. I want hens 4.5 lbs or less so they will be comparable in size to the Hamburgs. I love what I've read about the Egyptian Fayoumis but I'm wary of getting white birds because they seem so much more visible to predators. I've seen pics of golden Fayoumis but none of the hatcheries seem to carry them. There's always Sumatras but I've heard wildly varying reports about their laying. One guy said his Sumatra hen lays 3-5 every week. MyPetChicken says they lay about once a week.

    Am I over-thinking it with the aversion to white plumage? Can anyone recommend another breed that meets my specs?
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    I think I posted on this once with a long explanation.

    Get some ICELANDICS!! They'll fit your description!

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