Best spill proof feeder for cross-beakers?


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
Riverton, Wyoming
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Last week I adopted two adult EE cross beakers. They seem to be doing OK so far, but they sure do make a mess! I have been feeding them out of a coffee can kept full of feed, but they knock it over a couple times a day. These two lovely ladies spend from sun-up 'til sun-down with their heads in this coffee can. Is there a better way to feed them? They are very sweet, and I want to do the best I can for them. My hubby has named them Lindsay (as in Lohan) and Britney (as in Spears) because they are such "cutie-pies" LOL Here is a picture of Miss Britney and Miss Lindsay respectively.

What you need is a way to secure that coffee can of yours. You can set it in a cement block so it will be portable, nail it to the fence, or other such options. Some other things to look at may be the placement and the type of container. Cans are less likely to be knocked over it put in the corner(two directions to fall to versus four in an open area). The heavier your container is, the less likely it is to be knocked over. However, startled birds can knock over even heavy containers by jumping, flying, or other such means.
I would also try to put it in a corner and use something to tie it down. Some kind of strap. Sorry to ask for I am new to chickens but why are their beaks like that?
From what I've read on here there are several factors that could cause cross-beak. Bad genetics, poor incubation, physical trauma, birth defects (would you call them hatch defects?) can all be a potential cause. We just adopted these girls a week ago and they are already grown, so I have no idea what caused these two girls to have this deformity. Personally I wondered if it was a nutritional deficiency as all 6 of the hens we took in were in pretty sad shape.

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