Best thing to do for a big cut on a hen's back?


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Hi everyone,

Meet my new chickens here !

When I got my ladies on Sunday, my Plymouth Rock (Rose) had a cut on her back that was scabbed over. Most likely because she was well loved my the previous owner's roostesr but who knows? She didn't come from good conditions.

She still has the cut and we have been watching it, to make sure that it wasn't becoming infected and that her coop mates didn't peck at it. They did the first day home but got over it. But, now it's started up again. What is the best thing to do here? I saw posts about applying duct tape to their back to cover over bare feather spots (which she does have). Could I apply some ointment to her cut and then place the duct tape over top? The cut is not so big as to require stitches but it is about an inch long and very red from the pecking. I've been watching them and I don't think the pecking is constant but it's often enough to open the wound back up.

I have tried Gentian Violet to reduce the redness and give it a gross taste but it didn't really work and none of those other options for doing that (some of the powders, etc mentioned here) are available in my area.



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Apr 15, 2011
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blu kote and pine tar seem to be highly recommended around here. If they came from a bad situation then you might want to take them to the vet or at least treat them for parasites.


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I'm new to chickens, but I saw someone post about making a jacket to cover a wound. I have stick on bandaides for people...would that work on a chicken? Otherwise, I'd just use some fence to keep her separate, but still with the rest of the girls. Good luck!


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May 24, 2011
I use an ointment called bag balm, you can find it at your feed store or at the pharmacy. The last can I bought was at cvs. It works very well and I don't think I would use tape on it I think that would cause more problems.

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