Best time and place to order new chicks~and other questions for pros!


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I had fun recieving our first set of 25 chickies. They were an "blend that may include exotics"??? from McMurray. All were healthy, great dispositions, but we ended up with 9 hennies and one cock when it was all said and done. We want to order a new batch of pullets anytime that would be good. Is there anyone or anytime that anyone can suggest that would be better than another? I am in Oregon, and the chicks did good last time being shipped. We even received them on Presidents' Day when the PO was closed.

I would also like to know which "package" to ask for when ordering. Again I liked the variety of the hens we got, and our roo is, imo beautiful, and is a good guy. I would like this again, variety, it was fun to see them grow. I still don't know the names of them yet, so if you can see what they are, then you can feel free to tell me.

Two of our hens have already set, and hatched (one clutch down one to be hatched yet) at least 17 eggs each. They are all healthy, active, eat well on scratch, scraps, and their layer pellets.

Egg wise, We get about only 2-3 eggs average a day from them. :-( They are 7 months old exactly. Should I be getting more eggs? They are free rangin it, so they have been known to lay out in odd places, but we usually find the eggs. I just feel it's so mean to keep them locked up in small little spaces like some folks do. (sorry) I run my risks by doing this, we have lost one chick and one full grown roo, but we have since taken a few precations and the hawks/owls seem to stay away now.

Any and all input would be so greatly appreciated! :)
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If the grey one's in the front have feather feet, I'd say Dark Brahmas.
The bigger black girl is likely a Black Jersey Giant or possibly a Australorpe, can't see her face...
The blondes are Buff Orpingtons
(They're sweet!)

The others I'll need help with!


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The roo is gorgeous! Looks like a phoenix, or maybe even a dorking....maybe, I don't know much about the breeds, but when I was looking through the list I seem to remember those two looking like yours. Anyways.

I ordered mine from McMurray as well, and I love them! I chose exactly what I wanted rather than just choosing a mix, which kinda takes the surprise out of it but I got what I wanted. I've considered the layer assortment, though, cause I thought that would be nice.

The best time to order is in the early fall (now, hint hint!) or spring. You want to get yours in before it's too cold to minimize losses. Good luck!


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The dark brahmas (like MrsEvans said, if they have feathered feet) and the buff orps are the only ones I can pick out too, sorry.
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Well, as far as ordering another package, do you have any kind of breed in mind that you might like to add to your flock?
I know alot of us all have that wish list of breeds they want to get.
There are so many sellers on this board with such great stock that you may want to go that route.
I have gotten eggs from people on this forum and ended up with gorgeous girls, in fact our favorite right now came from Marie Martin, I have eggs in the bator from Miss. Prissy and some coming from another seller.
I guess what I am trying to get at is that there is a huge variety of birds right here and what I like about that is I can talk to the seller and other people that bought from them and get so much information on the breed.
I can't give you any suggestions for ordering packages but I will tell you what I like for breeds and maybe some other people will too and you can put together a package plan with those suggestions.

Here are my suggestions and I also live where the winters are cold.

Orpingtons in any color-good natured and friendly
Speckled Sussex- curious and sweet
Silkies in any color- Just because
Cochins- hardy and good natured
Americaunas/Araucanas/Easter Eggers-lay blue and green eggs and come in a huge variety of colors
Cuckoo Marans- large, hardy and good layer of a dark brown egg.
Barred Rocks- look like the Cuckoos, cold hardy and pretty
Brahmas- I don't own any but would in a heartbeat
Rhode Island Reds-They are cold hardy and are prolific layers
of brown eggs.
Leghorns are prolific layers of white eggs, but I found mine to be skittish.

There are many more that are very beautiful but may not be the best egg layers, it depends what you are looking for in terms of ornamental and productive.
It also depends if you are looking for more of a pet or a good layer.
Or if you want one that is a good setter or don't want one that goes broody.
There are alot of girls who don't want you to pick them up and cuddle them, but you may get an egg a day from them.
Or you could get a breed that wants to sit in your lap all day, but you will only get an egg a couple of times a week.
I purposely have a mixed flock of both.
I love to be able to have some that I can hold, and my kids can pick up without a problem, but I also wanted some reliable egg layers.
Plus, I want a variety of colored eggs.
So I got the Cuckoo Marans and Black Copper Marans for the dark(chocolate) eggs
Welsummers lay very dark eggs too(the are on my list to get)
I have americaunas/araucanas/easter eggers for those beautiful blue and green eggs.
The rest lay brown or white eggs.
So I would get a pencil and paper and write down some breeds that catch your eye and then look into them more, ask questions here and then you can make your decision.
I think you will find just about any kind of eggs or chicks you are looking for right on this forum, there is also craigslist and places like eggbid.
Good luck with everything, hope you find what you want.
I know people will add to this thread with their suggestions.
There are so many great chickens, hey maybe you should just get a couple of every breed.

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