Best Type of Pasture Pen For Large Laying Flock

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    Aug 9, 2012
    Hi. It has been a long while since I've posted anything on here. We have been very busy. On planning for chickens for next year, I was wondering: who keeps a relatively large flock (25-50) of hens in some sort of pasture pen or chicken tractor. Has anyone doen this? The closest thing I've seen so far are those cattle panel tractors-but an 8 by 8 would only keep 16 birds at best. I was just wondering what other people have tried. I would prefer something hand movable, but this isn't absolutely necessary. Any ideas.

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    You could try portable electric fencing with a coop on wheels, like made on an an old trailer. Sounds more expensive but it could house quite a few while moving them around.
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    This 6x14 Total Chicken Habitat will carry up to 15 large hens, has six nest boxes, roost poles in elevated house, and allows the chickens many free range benefits without exposing them to the risk of predators. By having 2 you could carry around 30 hens. By moving them forward 14' every other day, the hens are always on fresh ground, shaded, never in mud, and fertilize the pasture uniformly. They can be moved forward by 2 people with a 2 wheel hand truck, or pulled forward by riding lawnmower or 4 wheeler.[​IMG]

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