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    Apr 23, 2009
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    I have 15 - 8 week old chicks. I am having to clean their water out several times a day due to their soiling it....What do you recommend to use for feeding and watering where it will not get soiled. I have the screw on glass mason jar feeders/waters currently and they gotta go.
    Also, where is the cheapest to get the items? Thank you for your time [​IMG]
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    For chicks this age I set them up off the ground on something that gets the waterer and feeder up about 5 to 6 inches. That way when they scratch around and they want get as much stuff in the water and feed. I use a couple of bricks. It is heavy enough they can't move it. For younger chicks I make square platforms from 2 x 2's about 12inches square and covered the top with hardware cloth. I lay this down in the brooder or grow up pen and put the water on top. Reduces the mess alot. See Picture.

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    I am interested in the answers to your questions. We are putting the final touches on our coop. We have 6 5 week old chicks and ! 2 year old hen I took in last week.
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    Get them off the floor.

    Tow ways work best, for me.

    1. Hang the fixtures on adjustable cleats so they can be maintained at the birds back height.

    2. Make 2 x 4 frames with welded wire mesh on top, twice the size of the feeder bases..
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