Best water system for ground pens


Jul 2, 2020
So recently I built a grow-out pen which uses pine shavings as substrate and would like a little help with a water system . . .

What is the best water system for ground pens or quail kept on any kind of substrate? Something that stays mostly clean and functional when quail kick substrate on it and does not leak water which leads to moisture issues. So far I've had good luck with poultry nipples but they tend to leak water into the substrate. In my aviary, this is no big deal because the ground tends to dry out fast but in my experience with pine shaving substrate, it tends to create some moisture issues.

Pictures of grow-out pen:


Apr 15, 2020
@FloorCandy how are you liking those horizontal nipples? I have two mason jar waterers for mine right now but I'm ready to upgrade.
I’m very happy. I have 2 like the one in the picture and a smaller one for the brooder. In the brooder they drink from it, but 2 days ago I removed the mason jar waterer from the chicks, I guess they were 8 days old or so, I watched them for a couple hours and it seemed they weren’t all getting it with the nipples so I put the jar waterer back, but tomorrow I’m going to give them another test run, my runt Shadow does it just fine, so none of the others really have any excuse. The brand of mine is rent a coop, and I find all of their products to be excellent.

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