best way to apply showsheen to chickens for show

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    I was wondering what the best way to apply showsheen to my chicken's feathers for a show would be. She'll be at the show for 10 days, and I won't be able to bathe her at any time during then-would you no reccomend using the showsheen? Also, what would be the best thing to put on her comb as well? thanks so much!
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    Quote:spray a soft tightly woven cloth, allow th ecloth to dry somewhat, use the cloth to wipe the bird down.. Do not spray the bird directly with the Showsheen, it can cuase the feathers to seperate some similar to haveing just having been bathed, but spraying a cloth allowing to dry slightly then using that to wipe the bird works well.
    You should also keep some baby wipes for feet, legs, face and comb.. I like to use a combination of Vaseline and Vaporub (1/2 x 1/2) for face and comb apply very lightly and use a q-tip if its a rose comb and tough to get in tight spaces. The Vapo-rub will keep them breathing clearly and perked up a bit, and redder faced.
    You may also want to mix a touch of B-12 in the water to keep the birds perked up, that does halp them show better and they don't curl up in a corner to sleep during the day.

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