Best way to clean poopy butts on 3-day old chicks?


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Jun 20, 2009
Orange County, NY
OK, I've cleaned their butts faithfully - but sometimes it is really stuck on there and I know it hurts, what is the best way to clean them? I'm using a papertowel in warm water....
Any better options? There's gotta be.....
I do the paper towel in warm water too. But if it's really bad, you can soak their bum in warm water, and I've heard of people using toothpicks to work through the feathers to get the poop out without pulling.
I take the chick and run the butt under warm water and take a Q tip and gently move it around until it begins to fall off. That is the easiest and doesn't hurt the bum from wiping so much. Their skin is VERY thin so you have to be careful with that. I only run the bum under the water for about 2-3 min at a time and then give them a little break and then try again. It's worked every time for me. Sometimes it takes a while if the poo is harder. Good luck! Oh and then after you get it all cleaned off take a Q tip and wipe olive oil or veggie oil on their vent and a little below and it helps to keep the poo from getting stuck again.
I am in favor of the bounty paper towel soaked in warm water, BUT if the poo has dried, you can do this...get some nail clippers, and just crush the poo very carefully with the nail clippers and it sort of just clips or crushes right off! You need to be careful but it really works great and there aren't sharp edges that you can poke your chick with.

I like that method because you don't have to get the chick all wet. Sounds kinda nutty but it really works!

I hold chick with one hand butt facing out and run warm (about 95 degrees, something I would bathe in) over the chicks bottom and rub it with my fingers in a light twisting motion to help break it up it all washes away, I pat their bottoms dry with papertowel and back into the brooder they go lol
I haven't had a sticky butt problem since I stopped feeding tractor supply feeds,& started feeding fresh ground feed. If you can find a feed that doesn't contain the word (crude) in the ingredients, sticky butt wont be a problem. There to much indigestible crap in those big brand feeds.
I use the wash butt under warm running water and pat dry also, It seems to be the least irritating to their skin.

PeepsInc where do you find fresh ground feed in NY?

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