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Mar 21, 2018
I am having trouble with dogs, and coyotes!! What is the best way to prevent this from happening. Yes, I have had to use my gun, and yes I hate to shoot a dog or any animal. But I have wrapped all my cages in extra chicken wire. Not helping! I have put cement blocks along the bottom of the pens inside, not helping! I heard of doing a skirt, but I am not sure how that would help. I don't want to do electric fence due to my friends kids getting hurt. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!

Sorry for your troubles. Chicken wire is next to useless for predator protection. You need to be using hardware cloth and you need to either make a skirt around it or dig a trench and bury the wire about 12 inches. I also put stones at the bottom of my trench.
What does your set-up look like? How are dogs and coyotes getting in? Are they jumping, digging, or tearing the cages apart? Have you actually lost any chickens or are they just hanging around? The more information you can give us about your specific set-up and what is actually happening the more likely we are to be able to give you useful suggestions. Photos would be a big help.

For example, if they are not tearing the chicken wire then replacing it with a better wire will not stop the immediate problem. It's a good suggestion in general but it may not solve your immediate problem. What is actually going on?
You may have to use an electric fence. A dog that starts killing chickens will go through any fence or wire, move any concrete block, chew any boards that are in it's way. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt lol. I have an electric fence wire around the outside of my fence that works to deter all potential predators.
A combat unit of Marines. Sorry, that is just the first thing that popped into my head.

As Ridgerunner said, how are they getting in? Are they getting in or just hanging around?

My plans to build FtKnox include an apron around the entire perimeter, hot wire (I'll turn it off in the am when I open up and on in the pm), concrete foundation to the coop reinforced with an apron, totally locking all doors at dusk, hardware cloth and welded wire combo on all ventilation. I'm hoping this will keep everything but flying threats at bay.
:thumbsup All above posts. OP, why would you consider your friends kids might get hurt by an electric fence? Any child who is old enough to be in your yard without immediate adult supervision is old enough to understand: DO NOT TOUCH THE FENCE! Any child not old enough to grasp this situation... where are the parents??? If a child touches an electric fence, he'll not do it again. And no, a properly working electric fence will not do any lasting damage to any child who is old enough to understand not to touch it. I'd not leave a toddler alone with an electric fence. Also, electric fences have an ON and an OFF switch. Have a yard full of kids? Turn the fence off. Kids go home, or go to bed at night, turn the fence on.
:goodpost:This exactly. A properly built and maintained electric fence will take on all comers, including bears.

I have grand kids and when they are around, we simply turn it off. Otherwise, it stands watch 24/7. Have never lost a bird to a predator because of it.

But as for kids, it does them no lasting harm, but the best of them will rarely touch it twice. Maybe teenagers, as most of them seem determined to test it.....practically a rite of passage in some settings.


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