Best ways to successfully advertise to sell your eggs

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    A thread on best/cool ideas to get the word out about selling your farm fresh eggs.

    My pullets will start laying soon and i know for a fact i will have more eggs than i can make use of, which means selling is a great idea to cover expenses and have the opportunity to share my tasty eggs.

    What are some ideas to advertise and get the word out there about selling your eggs?

    How do YOU sell YOUR eggs?

    How many do you sell?

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    Word of Mouth, this neighbor tells the others etc. I never sold a lot---about 8 to 9 dozen a day, but I was hatching a lot then too so could have been more.

    Oh I make sure they are clean and ask my customers to save their cartons see if their neighbor will save theirs. If the cartons you get look Good---use them. If they don't or the lid tabs are broke, etc---trash them.
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