Best wood for coop


10 Years
Feb 3, 2013
So I purchased some 2X4 pine to start building my coop. Will the untreated pine I bought work? Will it expand when wet?

Also, its raining and getting wet :barnie, is it still okay to use or does it have to dry out first?

Thanks for your help!!
Best to keep your lumber dry. Wet lumber is more prone to warping. But if it's wet, and you need to use it, then use it wet. It will dry in place. Just stay safe. It's not safe if you are working on wet ground with wet materials with power equipment!!!

For the rest of your building materials, perhaps you can put them on a pallet and cover them with a good quality tarp?
Ohhhh, hahaha

Have done the tarp cover. I only bought enough wood for the coop floor and legs, my other I'll get and stash in my basement where I can work on the walls.

Is plain old pine wood good though? Do folks just treat the wood after its built?
Just apply a good stain after it is built. I would recommend Sikkens stain for siding, reapply every 5 years or so. Pine is a very good wood if protected. Another option would be pressure treated lumber, but I would still stain it for aesthetic reasons.
Depends on your location whether plain pine is fine or not. I'm right on the coast, so pressure treated wood and galvanized hardware are a must if I don't want to have to deal with replacing stuff every other year. The salty air just eats through everything.
Depends on what product you use. If you paint it, be sure it no longer smells like paint.

Agreed, pressure treated is one option. However, since chickens eat everything, I choose not to use it. I'll not use it in garden or around animals.

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