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    So Betty is a pullet and has been laying eggs for a week or so. Her Friend Helen (also a pullet) disappeared about 4 nights ago. We had gotten eggs from both that day. Because, over 3 nights, we lost 6 chickens (including Helen and her mate Alpha) we cooped them up until we could catch the monster taking the chickens.

    My husband worked for 3 days expanding the coop. I did not expect her to lay the first day of being cooped up, as she had not had a skipped since she started to lay. So day 1 in the coop, no egg from Betty. Day 2, no egg from Betty. Day 3, no egg from Betty. Today is day 4. I noticed she was up on top of the nest box. I told my husband (I have been for 3 days) he needs to put the nest crate up there because I think she is laying up there. He said I was crazy, but after seeing her up there, he decided I was right. So he climbed up there to pick her up and put her in the crate. Guess what he found. 3 eggs and I found a 4th broken after rolling off the cabinet. So, lets take into account, I know she skipped day 1 in the coop. (I checked the top and the ground around the nest cabinet.) That means that she laid 4 eggs in 2 days and was getting ready to lay another. I found this highly unlikely. So I took a look at my flock. Bunny. My other EE that is actually older than Betty. I am assuming it had to be her. The 3rd egg is a little smaller than the other 2 and the broken one was very small, too. So even after losing their friend Helen, they continue to lay eggs for me. Even though they are furious at me for keeping them locked up.

    Maybe Husband will start to listen to me when I make a very simple request. Now I am off the check for there eggs from today!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] cute story!
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    [​IMG] Your chickens are smarter than mine...

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