Betty limping as she walks, and capri broody in box and no eggs for 2 days

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    Aug 17, 2012
    Betty is limping as she walks....I cant see that anything is wrong with her leg....????

    Capri, has been in her box in the coop for 2 days, she just started laying a couple weeks ago....and I looked at her, and her chest looks like it was a lil red, and rashy lookin, she is not laying or hasnt forr 2 days, and she will not get out of the box, and she is eating.....I keep checking her and this mornig her rash looked a little better has / or does anyone have ay ideas on this....

    Plus Speckles has what looks like poop but it is attachted to her skin, I just cut a big glob off a little while ago, and noticed 2 little nubs that look like poop, and they are closely attatched to and around her anus....any ideas??????

    what a week.....Thanks guys....:) Oh and I have changed their schedule, they are now only free ranging for 4 hours a day....:)

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