Beware box fans !!! Fire Danger

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    This is an important topic to bring to light but I didn't see anywhere in the story the mention of box fans.

    I would guess that more fires in chicken coops are caused by heat lamps.
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    Mar 22, 2008
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    Quote:WOW..Thanks for passing on that bit of info. I use box fans in my hen house sometimes if a good breeze is blowing, and sometimes keep it on for hours at a time. I am sure everyone that reads this will be as appreciative as I am.
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    I used to use box fans blowing across tubs of ice, but always worried about them. This year, in hot and humid South Carolina I decided not to do it. Chickens have survived nasty weather of all types for centuries. luxuries this year. They have fresh water 2-3 times a day, lots of food but no scratch and lots of shade.

    I let one group of 11 out to free range today. Heat index of 115F. They scratched around under the trees a bit - and then headed for the spot in full sun to dust bathe! [​IMG] Apparently the heat didn't bother them a bit. They have a big shady area under the coop, with nice, loose dirt. But noooooo, the full sun area was better.

    So the box fans are being retired. As the article says, they are not made for heavy duty use. And chickens are tougher than we think.

    As an aside.... they had no extra heat during the winter, either.
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