Beware of Silkies wearing Slinkies.........

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Mar 7, 2010
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Ok, so I was on my upper deck today, fooling around with a new giant metal slinky while my chickens free ranged below me in the garden. I wanted to see if it could touch the ground, so I bent over and let the end fall to the ground while I held the top. Little did I know my broody Blue Silkie hen, Sugar , was holding eggs hostage in a "secret" (I've known about it for 2 months) nest in the ferns. She is a very detirmined, very moody 'wanna be momma', so she thought the slinky was a threat to her wooden eggs I gave her that will never hatch but she thinks will.
She tore out that nest like a chicken torpedo, and threw all her fuzzy fury at that slinky! I have never seen a chicken that mad! She tusseled with it and got all tangled up. I dropped the slinky and ran down to the garden to untangle her. When I got down, she was tearing around the yard like a chicken possesed, sometimes tripping. She was letting out high pitched monkey like squeals, and was leaping as high as a overweight silkie tied up with slinky can. (not very high) My other chickens were freaking out! Sugar was trying to get close to them and they were running in fear of the Slinky of Doom. I, all this while, was trying to catch the little fuzzball. Sarah Jo, my white silkie, (aggresive in a cute way) flung herself at the slinky too, and she got tangled also! I was laughing so hard and trying to catch them at the same time. Finally I took a flying leap and caught and untangled them. They both gave me a reproachful look and walked away with the dignity only a silkie could muster after such an ordeal. (The slinky was very tangled, and I finally just threw it away)
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Jul 19, 2009
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Just too funny!

One of our hens stepped on a stray piece of duct tape one day, when she came inside our home that we're building for her personal daily inspection. You'd have thought that the very devil had grabbed her foot!
I'll never forget the sight! I can just imagine your silkie tearing around, trying to get that evil slinky off of her!
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