BID BEING TAKEN silkie/showgirl trio 'LOOK '30 mins.togo!!!!!!


10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
I have a very nice quality trio of silkie roo,silkie hen and showgirl hen
i will sell the trio or am open to trades



also have the 2 partridge showgirls up for sale or trade just make me an offer

I know have an offer of 100.00 for the White Trio
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Can you give me an estamate i on shipping on the silkies? and do you know what kind of faults they have and have they been shown! Can you hold them till make a decisionon

Oh an prices on the trio!
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the White trio has been started with an offer of 100.00
and either one for 25.00 per bird,this is still open to offers
and dose not include shipping.they can be shipped at buyer
expense thanks

just post or PM offer if you'd like a very nice set of silkie / showgirls
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starting the bidding for the above silkie /showgirls now will close with the best offer sunday evening at 6:00 pm central so they can ship out monday morning

have an offer of 100.00 for the White trio and 25.00
each for the 2 partridge hens thanks and good luck

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