Bielefelder acting weird

Aug 28, 2020
My Bielefelder pullet was sitting on top of the feeder with her head hanging down . I brought her in because she seemed out of sorts . So after a few days I put her back with the her flock . All seemed ok until this morning I found her wedged inside the feeder . After much effort we were able to free her . She keeps putting her head down under her breast . If anyone can help me I would appreciate it . I do have pics if needed.


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Sorry about your pullet. She looks to have symptoms of wry neck a neurological condition that can be a sign of a head or neck injury, a vitamin E or B1 thiamine deficiency, and can be a symptom of certain diseases, such as Mareks disease, and others. Most people separate the chicken into a dog crate, and give vitamin E 400 IU and some (1/4 to 1/2 tablet daily) vitamin B complex (not B12.) Make sure that you chicken is fed several times a day, and wet chicken feed mash and a little scrambled egg would be good. The egg can be alternated with a small amount of tuna. Watch for any signs of lameness, or weakness or drooping wings. Hopefully, she will get better.

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