Bielefelder and Black Jersey Giant roos in Illinois


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Aug 16, 2020
Hello, I have about 2-3 of each bielefelder and bjg cockerels at 19 1/2 weeks that I would rehome in the area of northern to central IL. Located almost 1/2 hour south of Joliet and 1/2 hour west of Kankakee, near Braidwood.

I'm keeping 2 of each and butchering another 2 of each to try the taste. If no one wants them for a flock, I will just butcher them myself. They are Cackle Hatchery stock, which seems surprisingly good compared to some hatcheries. I'm no expert, but they look nice and my seven Dominique & seven SLW pullets from there all have rose combs, where I picked up one Dominique and three GLW's from TSC on sale for $1 each during a feed run and ended up with two single combs..

So basically, they really aren't show birds, but seem to come from decent stock. No white spots on the biele's either, but they are also still pretty young. The Jersey Giants look great with the green sheen!

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