Bielefelder pullet droopy tail, no egg in a week


5 Years
This is Linda. She’s my 1 year old Bielefelder who has recovered nicely from a unknown injury where she limped for a few weeks. She hasn’t laid all week, but it is 33c degree weather here and all 5 of my birds are spending their afternoons laying in the shade together. Linda’s droopy tail started yesterday and so I thought that perhaps she is egg bound. I gave her an Epsom salts bath and she’s hanging in the dog crate now. She’s decently perky, vocal, eating, drinking and readily accepting treats (a few fresh raspberries) The tail and laying down lots is the concern. Comb is beautiful and red and eyes are clear. Poop is normal but was a little loose after the epsom bath. Thoughts? Oh, I couldn’t feel an egg but I’m told you often don’t..? Could this be just the heat? I don’t want to overreact but I also don’t want to underreact where her health could be at risk.


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The only thing I would know is to make your own, there's a recipe in the link below.
You want to make sure that the birds have access to fresh plain cool water in addition to any electrolytes provided.

It may be heat stress or she may be having difficulty laying an egg. You may want to give her 1 calcium tablet to see if that helps.

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