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    I have a mix of new chicks that were hatched last Wednesday; Dominique, Barred Rock, RIR, Buff Orpinton (males), and one lone Australorp. All of the chicks are roughly the same size, except for the Australorp who's noticeably larger than the other ones.

    Is the size of a chick an indication as to how big they will be as adults?

    The Australorp is very friendly, she's the first one to run up when I put my hand in the brooder. She also seems tough and won't put up with other chicks pecking at her or taking her treat. Does a pecking order start forming at such an early age?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I have one more. I started out with five males, I gave two away over the weekend and am planning to give two more away. One of the males will peck at the other chicks. It's not to the point where he's hurting them. Is he the one I should get rid of, or does it mean that he might be dominant and the one I should keep?
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    Did it hatch from a large egg? Larger eggs usually hatch out larger chicks, it doesn't necessarily mean it will be larger when it's older.

    Since they are only a few days old, how do you know their gender? Just curious :) Aside from the ones hatched from your dominiques of course, with a buff orp rooster over them those would be sex links.
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