Big Boy and his harem....


11 Years
Mar 2, 2008
southern MO
I have a barred rock rooster (Big Boy) that is huge, escapes all the time with his harem in tow, and is my number #1 favorite. It's getting close to that time when I need to figure out which roo's need to go and which ones stay. I've got 3 buff orpington hens, 6 barred rock hens, 4 mean orpington roo's, my lovely big boy and his brother scrapper (they don't get along...otherside of fence sort of feud).
Genetically, which ones should I spare the chopping block?
If I keep big boy and his brother for chick production, what will the result be with a buff orpington hen?
Not that interested in keeping the buff line true, much prefer the barred intellegence.
Def. keep Big Boy since he has already earned the ladies trust...Our BR is the absolute sweetest roo and comical as can be. It isn't a very good pic(cell phone) but this is his afternoon fav thing to do...He is asleep...

He is my DDs roo and has just loved her since we got him at 3 days old. Really weird how they imprint so randomly and selctively sometimes.

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