big brother takes over chick care

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    May 18, 2010
    one of my hens was recently killed by our new puppy after hatching her second clutch.
    in her first 2 hatched, but one was killed by a hawk.
    the other grew up to be an amazing glorious rooster.
    now that rooster is taking care of his 2 little 2 week old sisters. he sits on them to keep them warm, snuggles with them in the coop all night, finds food for them, leads them around, and treats them like complete princesses. its the cutest thing ever. i didnt know a rooster would take the role of father to the young chicks.
    pictures later.

    does anyone know any good names for a black chick and a whiteish-yellowish one who are sisters?

    and also does anyone know how to "chicken train" a young puppy?
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    Aug 4, 2011
    That is soo cute! Made my morning. Our rooster will help find food for his youngsters but I didn't know some will completely become a surrogate mother! As to your other questions there is a name thread here and as far as puppy training goes [​IMG] no experience sorry.
  3. That is really cute [​IMG] What a good big brother! I hope my roo will do the same thing if he needs to.
    Young pups are hard. My 7 year old lab knows the difference between "toy" and "baby" so I just showed him the chicks and told him they were babies. It's like he knew exactly what I meant. He watches them and cries if one is sick. I guess you can just keep letting him SEE the chicks but not touch them yet. Slowly, eventually, he'll stop trying to play with or eat them and just not even notice them anymore.
    I'm usually really odd with pet names but the first 2 names that came to my head were Rosie and Ruby [​IMG]
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    Apr 20, 2011
    Richardson, Texas
    Quote:Sunlight and Moonlight?
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    I did a quick Google for training dogs not to attack chickens and there's lots of advice out there.

    Lovely story about your rooster taking on a foster-mother role. My Polish Frizzle cockerel stays with his sister while she lays her egg and offers lots of words of encouragement - she always has a hard time when she's "in labour" and hates the whole egg laying business. He also pops in to chat to my two Araucanas when they're in the nest box, but doesn't stay long as he knows they can cope OK - he just likes to check up on them. He knows to steer clear of the other 4, who would definitely not welcome his attention.
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    May 18, 2010
    aw thats so cute [​IMG]
    thanks for the advice [​IMG]

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