Big Cats


7 Years
Mar 19, 2015
Hi ... I'm new to this forum. Noticed a comment about going straight to summer. We seem to have done the same here in Ontario, though I'm not going to complain after the long, long, winter - but the temps are really up and down. I'm finding it hard to regulate the heat for my chicks (4 weeks old). I just moved them out to their new coop a couple of days ago and was worried about it being too hot and didn't want to leave the windows open yet - nervous of predators.
Now it has turned cooler again.
The chicks seem content though...but, being my very first little flock, I may be overly worried.

I've seen a lot of comments about big cats on here. I know we are not supposed to have them in Ontario, but there were some cougars released a few years ago to supposedly take care of the excess deer population. Sheesh.... The Ministry of Natural Resources are still try to deny it even though the cats are spotted regularly. aggressively would they try to get at the chickens? I just came to terms with trying to protect them from all the other critters like fox, coyotes, wolves, black bear, lynx, assorted smaller predators etc. , I sort of forgot about the cougars.

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