Big chicks stink! LOL


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8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
Steelville, Missouri
The chicks, 3 'rainbow layers'
, 3 barred rocks and a bantam cochin are stinkin up my basement!
SO, tomorrow, they are moving to the garage! I have been turning their light off at night downstairs since it is always 70 or above, but I guess I will leave the brooder light on once they go to the garage. Before our next set of babies, I definitely want to build a brooder that is easier to clean, as this on is a pain in the rump!

Next weekend dh will finally start on the coop, and HOPEFULLY:fl he gets it move in ready that same by Monday the 30th. They will definitely be big enough to move out by then! Plus, these kids want to spread their wings! They are so tired of being 'cooped up'
Good luck getting the coop done ASAP! I loved brooding our chicks in the house, but when I was ready for them to be out I wanted them out NOW! LOL. And my DH didn't have the coop ready. I won't make that mistake again, next time I will have a place for them to go *before* I bring the chicks home!
They do love having more room when they get bigger, too.

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