Big clump of grasshanging out butt

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    Feb 20, 2018
    my lavender Orpington has a clump of grass hanging out of butt this morning. Not acting itself. Can I slowly pull it out
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    A picture would be helpful. We on BYC have seen it all. From the super cute to the super gross.

    My first thought was yes--BUT depending on the grass it may not be a good idea. Some thicker grass blades could cut like a knife. Depending on how strong the grass is or how long it is it could be trapped farther back. Why it didn't come out in the first place.

    Also describe not acting itself. Puffed up? Not eating? Segregating itself from the flock?

    I'd keep an eye to make sure no one else tries to help by pecking at it.

    Thoughts? @WVduckchick @Smuvers Farm @casportpony @KikisGirls @Eggcessive @BantyChooks
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    I would try to gently pull it out if it hasn’t already come out. Any animal can have this problem, although chickens’ gizzards usually grind up most foods if they are getting grit or rocks. My dogs have occasionally had dried grass coming out of there, and it gross, but I have grabbed something to pull it out safely.

    You may want to feel the crop in early morning to make sure it is empty, and that she is not having problems with digesting grasses. I have done necropsies on chickens who have died with both crop and gizzard blocked with dry grasses and other material.
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  4. Bullardmama3

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    Feb 20, 2018
    Thanks for the reply’s! She has actually got rid of it her self. I thought the picture was attached, I apologize
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