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    A couple of pals of mine and I will be processing our batch of Cornish X Saturday in the far reaches of the US (NW corner).

    We started with 120, lost 6 the first few days from piling under the 6 brooder lamps. I then split them at 4 weeks...57 outside in a tractor, 57 inside in a "double" horse stall.

    Well, we've had our ups and downs...I've lost one bird each of the last couple days (surprisingly outside), and since the original 6 chicks died in the piles, we have culled 6 and lost a total of 3.

    We will bring (hopefully) 105 to our freezers for $1.60/lb (could be slightly higher or lower in actuality). I'm fairly pleased, considering we were cornishx-rookies.

    What I've learned:
    1. The chickens can eat. I will be at 21 lbs/bird average. The manure & water consumption is impressive too.
    2. I would read, re-read and re-read Bid Red Feather's post... . Learn all you can from is very well put together.
    3. The brooder would have been warmer to start.
    4. I would have 10-15 gallons of fresh water available 2x/day for each group.

    Had I done # 2, 3, 4, I think my mortality rate would have been reduced 40-50%, albeit not scientific.

    Anyway, have rented the processing equip for $10, and will have a time of it on Saturday.
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    Good Luck! [​IMG]

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