Big girls on the perch. Babies under them on the floor!


12 Years
Jun 23, 2010
So my 34 EEs are roosting on their perch. It is just the right size for them. I added a second perch for my 8ish week olds. They are sleeping on the floor under the EEs! I feel bad they are in the poop zone! They are facing the wall too
I think they're alright, they would get on their little perch if they wanted to. I'd give it time. Are they broody babies? Or is this the 'first night out"?
is it possible to add a small cardboard box and put it on its side under the perch? My chicks stayed away from the box at first, but as soon as they realized they'd be warmer in there, they went in every time they wanted to sit and rest. The box will get messy with poop, though

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